Music Production Software For Mac

By: Jerry A. Greene

Question: What are some of the music production software packages for mac?

Answer: There are a few different music production software products that work great on Mac.

Free Music Production On Mac

The first piece of free music production software for the mac that a lot of people are starting off with is Garage Band. It is included in the iLife '09 as well as previous versions. It's a great program to start learning how to sequence tracks and work with MIDI.

What's also a really great thing is that you are pretty sure that Garageband will work well with your mac, since it was made only for the mac. Garageband also seems to have a good community around it, so if you need help, it's never too far away.

Another free music production software product for the mac is called "Ardour". You may want to check that one out too.

Low Cost Music Production Software for Mac

If Garageband, or Ardour just isn't doing it for you than, the next music production software on Mac, that you'll most likely want to look at is called pro tools M-Powered. It's the cheapest version of one of the best production software packages around. If you end up going to a music production college, or trade school, you'll definitely want to have a background in pro tools.

Higher End Music Production Software for Mac

The next step up from m-powered pro tools on mac, is to look at Pro Tools LE (mid-range production software), on up to Pro Tools HD (professional recording studio production environment).

A major competitor of Pro Tools is Logic Pro. Logic was bought by Apple a few years ago and has become a powerhouse in the recording industry. What's even better, is if you start with Garageband, you can open up those files in Logic and continue your learning that way.

One other one that you may want to look into is Steinberg Cubase 4. It also has a nice following.

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