DC al Fine with Repeats

By: Jerry A. Greene

Question:When playing a song on piano that has a repeat sign half way through, I repeat and go on to finish the song. At the point where I get to a D.C. al Fine I go back to the beginning and play to the Fine, but if the Fine lands at the end of the measure where I have returned to the repeat sign, do I repeat again, or is the Fine the end of the song without repeating?

Answer: The first part of the answer is, it depends

In the American tradition, it is common to stop at the Fine without repeating again. (The repeat is meant for the first time through). This is, of course, unless there is a marking that states to repeat the section again.

In some European tradtions, it is not un-common for the repeated section to be repeated again before stopping at the Fine.

As with many other parts of music, this is something that is left to the performer (in solo work), or conductor to decide upon.