Firsty, I want to let you know how much I appreciate you taking the time to listen to and purchase my music!

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1) A PayPal receipt (You may log into PayPal for a detailed description of the sale)

2) A JAGMMP.Com receipt containing links where you can download your purchased files.

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How to Download:

Note: To prevent unauthorized acces, download links are only available for 24 hours and can be used a maximum of 3 times.  If you need to re-download the files, please send a request to: Info@JAGMMP.Com 

For your convenience, the your download links are below.  Please make sure to save to your device.

On a desktop, or laptop:  right-click (command-click on mac) and select “save” to your computer.

On a tablet, or mobile device: Click the link and save the way you normally would.  You may have options for opening, or saving in dropbox, or some other cloud service.  If you have an iPad, or iPhone, you can “open in iBooks” which will automatically save the file.

If you have any issues at all, please email: Info@JAGMMP.Com

Thank you again! – Jerry A. Greene