A link of these terms and conditions will be included in the email sent to you after purchase.

Currently, all sheet music is made available in a downloadable PDF format.  These files can be viewed directly on your computer, tablet or even mobile device!

After payment has been processed, you will immediately receive instant-download links, both here on this website and in an email.  Make sure to save these files to your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Should you like to view the music on a tablet, such as an iPad, you will be able to use free software like iBooks, to view your music and not have to be connected to the internet.

PDF’s can be viewed and printed for non-commercial use at home, school, or anywhere else that you would like to perform it, so long as money is not exchanged for it’s performance.  (i.e., you may not perform the music for release on a CD, or iTunes, streamed online, or broadcast on terrestrial radio without the appropriate license to do so).  For licensing information, please email JAG Music, Multimedia & Publishing at info@jagmmp.com .

There are two exemptions in this regard:

1) Performance on social media sites, such as YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook.  In these instances, the post must include (at the top of the post) the information provided in the email that was sent to you when purchasing the music.  An email notification to info@jagmmp.com regarding posting to these sites would also be helpful, to make sure that in the case that the site declares your post to be in violation of copyright, that JAG Music, Multimedia & Publishing can help mediate the issue.  Please include the URL, and make sure that the post is set to “public”.

2) Performance in an environment where you are paid to play by the hour, such as in a cocktail hour, wedding processional, memorial service, prayer service, etc.  No notification of this type of performance is necessary.

All PDF files will contain watermarks, displaying your license to use the piece for non-commercial purposes as stated above.  The watermark will be located on the bottom of each page and will include your name, address, email and purchase date. Please do not distribute, or print copies for use by anyone other than for whom the music was purchased. (i.e., you may not print, or distribute on, or offline, to friends and students).

Should you be interested in creating your own arrangement, or orchestration of the music provided to you, you will need to contact JAG Music, Multimedia & Publishing at info@jagmmp.com to secure a license.

All other rights are reserved. If you have any questions about securing performance, sync, grand rights, or mechanical licenses, please contact JAG Music, Multimedia & Publishing at info@jagmmp.com .

Your cooperation with these terms are most appreciated!  A violation of these terms is strictly prohibited and punishable by law, in accordance with the rules and regulations set forth by the United States Congress’s Copyright Law.

Upon successful product purchase, your email address will been added to the JAGMMP mailing list.

This is used to inform you of any updates the music as well as keep you notified of new music releases once a month.

You may remove yourself any time, but remember that you may not receive updates to the music you purchase.